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Angels on My Screen is a product of the artist’s musings on origins and

transient nature of human values. A unique stylistic combination of

abstraction, pop and street art elements, the series stems from the

artist’s memories of post‐Soviet Russia’s uneasy westernization, and his

own interpretation of American popular culture.

For this series, Denis abandons his usual street style aesthetics of

domineering images and vast backgrounds. Instead the artist

simultaneously idolizes and ridicules commercial icons of the 20th

Century and beyond: Steve Jobs, George Washington, Madonna, David

Bowie and Kim Kardashian. Unexpectedly, these programmatic images

acquire a pair of wings, a surprising twist reflecting the artist’s irony and

fascination with the mass culture and its power to reflect societal


Seen together, the works in the series underscores Denis’s ceaseless

examination of global pop culture as he continues to develop his

aesthetic vocabulary that is at once universal and deeply personal.

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